Childcare during corona is different from usual. We have to adhere to the guidelines of the Dutch government, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the GGD (City Health Service) and the association for our sector BMK.

Arrangements per childcare centre

At our childcare centres, additional arrangements sometimes apply to ensure pedagogy, health and safety. We also make arrangements with our partners about this. The managers inform parents about the arrangements regarding bringing and collecting children, and contact with parents/guardians. We are respectful of each other and make sure the childcare centre is a safe place for everyone.

National rules and guidelines

It is the responsibility of all of us to keep the childcare open. This is only possible if everyone abides by the rules.
Read the basic corona rules here.

We use the basic rules of the national government and follow the guidelines set up for childcare. In the event of a positive infection, we work with the GGD SKOT team and always follow the GGD’s advice.
Click here for the rules in childcare (in Dutch).

On the website of the national government you will find more information about children and quarantine.
Please visit the website (in Dutch).

More  information is available on the website of Boink (in Dutch).

Keeping 1,5 meter distance between adults is mandatory

Decision tree

Boink, together with RIVM and AJN, has drawn up the decision tree for childcare. This decision tree is a tool for the pedagogical staff to help determine if a child with symptoms can come to childcare. Click here for the decision tree (English version available).

In case of doubt or a positive infection we work together with the GGD SKOT team. This special team is available for childcare and education.


Do you find it difficult to assess what to do in your situation? Feel free to contact our pedagogical team or the manager of your childcare facility. They will be happy to explain.

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