The best of two worlds: together with schools and school boards in The Hague-Ypenburg, Delft and Rijswijk, Morgen is working to build new opportunities for all children.

Joining forces for a single goal

Every day in our work we see how childcare and education can serve to reinforce each other. When two worlds join together, they can offer children more opportunities to develop. We do this by sharing knowledge, keeping each other on our toes and working together to provide an optimal, continuous development line.

One goal

Childcare and education have a shared goal: to support children in their development and to offer them a place where they enjoy spending time and where they can develop their talents. In addition, we both work on their socialisation, personal development, norms and values. Collaboration is really extremely logical and is the perfect way to utilise and reinforce each other’s skills and expertise.

Many ways of collaborating

There are many ways of collaborating. For instance, we can provide out-of-school care, collaborate in the form of the community school or work towards a complete integral child centre. Naturally there are also all sorts of intermediate steps. For every collaboration, we work together to devise a tailor-made concept with educational institutions. The aim of this co-creation is to achieve a form in which childcare and education can reinforce each other and where children are given more opportunities to develop themselves. Collaboration with other partners is also possible.

Experience you can count on

Morgen has over 50 years of experience in childcare. We have been collaborating with educational institutions for many years. In recent years we have been able to devise and implement concepts for schools in The Hague, Delft and Rijswijk. We are now aware of precisely what our added value is and how we can build up a meaningful collaboration.

Even more reasons to collaborate

Morgen’s childcare has a lot to offer in terms of education. Our insight into the 0 to 4 age group offers the opportunity to detect problems early. We know like no other how to translate a pedagogical vision into an enriching educational provision. We also know how to design spaces that contribute to childhood development, where by the space is used as ‘the third teacher’.


Together we can achieve more than alone. Think of shared training or pedagogical staff who work together inside the classroom or during playground duty. Conversely, educational staff can become involved in childcare during school holidays. Exchanges such as these provide synergy, new insights, more commitment and a more enjoyable environment for the children, with more familiar faces.

The future of childcare and education

In these reports you can read more about the structured vision for childcare and education and why collaboration between the two is a good idea.

What form does this collaboration take?

Each collaboration is different. We always start with an initial meeting where we explore opportunities for collaboration and how we can help and reinforce each other. Sometimes the answer is simple and sometimes we discover that we will have to work out a new form of collaboration. The outcome is always a tailor-made concept.

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