Together with healthcare providers, Morgen makes childcare possible where all children receive the support they require.

Childcare and healthcare

Within our organisation, in our various brands and types of childcare, we have a clear overview of a large group of children aged 0 to 12. That makes early detection of problems possible. We can also recognise when children are struggling and offer structural support where necessary. We do this together with our partners in schools, municipalities and healthcare.

Child-centred care

Our pedagogical teams are professionals who ensure every day that the children in our care can play and learn freely. They provide a trusted environment where every child feels seen and heard. They immediately notice if a child needs extra help or is feeling unhappy for a while. And they are trained to detect developmental problems in a timely fashion.

Years of experience

Morgen can build on years of experience and has a great deal of expertise on board. In addition, we collaborate and exchange knowledge with our healthcare partners. This gives us a unique ability to support the development of children who require a little extra help.

Going a step further

Together with a healthcare provider, we can go just a little bit further in supporting their development. We can learn from each other and make use of each other’s knowledge and experience.

Tailored childcare

At our locations, we do everything possible to provide appropriate childcare, in the broadest sense of the word, whether that means we need to modify the space, to offer extra language practice or to collaborate to develop a completely new childcare concept. Above all, we always create a space where every child can be themselves and where they receive all the care they need.

Societal role

From our role in society, we pay extra attention to inclusivity, equal opportunities for children, combatting poverty and collaboration with Civil Society Organisations.

The future of childcare and healthcare

In these reports you can read more about the structural vision for childcare and healthcare and why collaboration between the two is a good idea (all in Dutch).

What form does this collaboration take?

Each collaboration is different. We always start with an initial meeting where we explore opportunities for collaboration and how we can help each other. Sometimes the answer is simple and sometimes we discover that we will have to work out a new form of collaboration. The outcome is always a tailor-made plan.

Collaborating on child development?

Please contact Femmie Streng

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