Together with the municipality, we bring equal opportunities for all children, a broad educational offer and a safe environment to grow up in, close to the children.

Childcare in the municipality

As a policy maker you look for ways to support local children in their development. Morgen is happy to help. In our childcare and integral childcare centres we focus on equal opportunities for all children, and early detection and identification of educational disadvantages. This is how we ensure all children, regardless of their background, can develop to the best of their capabilities.

The role of Morgen

Morgen helps by offering local childcare, with the expertise and know-how of an organisation that has been working in the region for over 50 years. As a non-profit childcare organisation, all our revenues go back to our core business; to ensure that all children have as many equal opportunities as possible to develop themselves. For a brighter tomorrow.

A reliable partner

Morgen is a reliable, solid partner in the field of childcare. We are non-profit and work from our social commitment. We know what we are doing and have considerable experience in organising and running quality, local childcare.

Well organised

Morgen offers various forms of childcare through its brands. We also do this within integral childcare centres. As an umbrella organisation, we ensure that everything is well organised. We keep a close eye on legislation and regulations, embedding them in our quality system and translating them into practice at our childcare centres. Our own quality team, together with the branches, is constantly looking for ways to improve. Spearheads are pedagogy, safety and health. This is in addition to the inspections by the GGD (Municipal Health Service), which supervises compliance with the quality requirements on behalf of the municipalities.

Knowledge partner

We are the ideal knowledge partner for municipalities. We are present in the neighbourhood, we see many parents/guardians and children, we work on talent development and on identifying the youngest target group. We are a discussion partner on topics such as reducing poverty, inclusiveness, equal opportunities for children and how to reach children from all target groups. Our broad, national perspective is an added value for local policy development. We translate national changes (in laws and regulations, for example) to a municipal level, but we also use the experience we gain in other municipalities.

Local heart

Morgen is active in The Hague-Ypenburg, Rijswijk, Delft and Westland-Wateringen. We work together with parties within the municipality to provide the very best childcare – in the broadest sense of the word. Examples of our partners include: Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin, Welzijn, De Ontdekkers, Sport Haaglanden Beweegt and Speeltuinvereniging Buvelio. We believe it is our job to take the initiative and work every day to provide leading-edge, quality childcare with a local heart.

Large network

Morgen is active in national and local networks on child development. As a knowledge partner we know how to connect parties, we can share experiences from our daily practice and gladly provide input for new policies.

Morgen is a participant in for example:

  • Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang – Branch organisation for social childcare – (national)
  • Kindcentra 2020 (national)
  • Ambtelijk kinderopvang platform – Official childcare platform – (municipality of The Hague)
  • Various consultations on early childhood education (municipality of Rijswijk)
  • Youth and education working group (Municipality of Rijswijk)
  • Platform Educational Disadvantages Policy (municipality of Delft)
  • PACT for childcare centres (national)

The future of childcare and municipalities

The following Dutch reports contain more information about the policy vision for childcare and municipalities, and why this cooperation is a good idea.

What form could the cooperation take?

No cooperation is the same. We always start with an introduction, in which we explore where opportunities lie and how we can help each other. Sometimes the answer is simple, sometimes we find that we have to start from scratch. The outcome is always a tailor-made concept.

Morgen in your municipality

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