Childcare during corona is different from usual. We have to adhere to the guidelines of the Dutch government, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the GGD (City Health Service) and the association for our sector BMK.

Arrangements per childcare centre

Based on the guidelines, we have drawn up additional precautions to enable us to open up our childcare facilities in a way that is as healthy and safe as possible.Because every childcare centre is different, each centre has its own arrangements regarding bringing and collecting children, and contact with parents/guardians.

In principle parents/guardians cannot come into the childcare centre. This is why the transfer moment is brief. If more time with staff is needed, this can be done in the ParentApp or online. Only in very exceptional cases and in consultation with the manager is a visit by one parent possible. The use of face mask is not mandatory for visitors, but can be used at one’s discretion. Only if everyone sticks to the arrangements in place, will the childcare centre remain a safe place for the children and our staff.

It is the responsibility of all of us to keep childcare open. This is only possible if everyone abides by the rules. Here are the main rules for bringing and collecting children. These apply to all our childcare centres.


  • May attend day care if they are showing symptoms of a cold, if they occasionally cough, or if they have asthma or hay fever. If they have any other symptoms, they must stay at home.
  • Can be tested if they show symptoms of a cold, but must stay home until they have a negative test result.
  • Stay at home if they have a temperature, shortness of breath or if they are coughing a lot. Always have your child tested if they have more severe symptoms. Only when a child has been fever-free for 24 hours should he or she come again.
  • Stay at home if a housemate has a temperature or shortness of breath in addition to mild symptoms that may be related to corona.
  • Stay at home and get tested if a family member has corona.
  • Stay at home and get tested if they have been in close contact with someone with corona.
  • Stay at home and get tested if they have had contact with someone with corona at childcare (link to further information in Dutch).
  • Has your child tested positive for corona less than six months ago? Then your child does not have to stay at home if a housemate has corona or has had close contact with someone with corona.
  • Can be tested if the GGD thinks this is due to an outbreak investigation.

If your child is very ill, call your GP.

Decision tree

The decision tree is a tool to help determine if a child with symptoms can come to childcare.

If a child or a housemate has symptoms or corona

  • Housemates of children with cold symptoms, such as sneezing or coughing, do not need to stay at home.
  • But if, in addition to mild symptoms that may be related to corona, the child is also suffering from a temperature or shortness of breath, all housemates must stay at home.
  • If a child has corona, the whole family stays at home and everyone must be tested. The GGD can tell you what the rules are.
  • A housemate with symptoms stays at home and gets tested.
  • Note: If a housemate has mild corona symptoms but also a temperature or shortness of breath, everyone must stay at home until they have a negative test result. This includes the children.
  • If someone in the house has corona, the GGD will tell you what to do.The person with corona must go into home isolation (this means staying in your own room and keeping away from housemates).
  • The rest of the family goes into quarantine and must be tested immediately. Even if they have no symptoms. The quarantine lasts 10 days. This starts from the moment a person was last in close contact with the person with corona for a prolonged length of time. They can be retested after 5 days. If this test is negative and they have not developed any symptoms, they may be leave quarantine.

In addition, the basic rules apply to everyone: Always keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other adults. Read all the basic rules here.

Please note: if a test is mentioned, we refer to a test by the GGD.

Do you have any questions?

If you find it difficult to assess what you need to do in your situation, please contact the pedagogical team or manager of your childcare centre. They’ll be happy to explain. And if we can’t find the answer, we will always consult the GGD.

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